Out of the Margins Episode 2: What is dying and what is coming to life…? With Revd. Helen Shannon

Episode 2 of our Out of the Margins podcast is out now

Episode 2 of our Out of the Margins podcast is out now, this time we've been talking to Helen Shannon: In this post pandemic time how has the local estate church responded to what is dying and what are you seeing is beginning to flourish?
Photo showing the head and shoulders of Sharon Blyth

Welcome to the JSP Team Sharon!

We are delighted to welcome Sharon Blyth as our new Children, Young People and Family Champion. Sharon brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this role and we are very excited to welcome her to the JSP team.
Photo of Revd Arun Arora

New Bishop of Kirkstall Announced

Rev Arun Arora announced as new Bishop of Kirkstall. We look forward to him taking the Chair of Jesus Shaped People too!
Photo Showing a JSP study group at Christ Church Eston

What shape is your Church in after the pandemic...?

We are looking to support and help a few more post-covid pilot churches around the country to adventure with Jesus Shaped People. JSP is NOT a call for frenetic activity or a top-down initiative, actually its bottom up and tried and tested method and vision to help a Church re-assess and re-shape around Jesus’ priorities.
Illustration showing Jesus' temptation in the wilderness

Distracted, Diluted, Diverted: a Lent reflection

Lent is a funny mixture of a season. There’s a clear link with forty days that Jesus spent in the Judaean wilderness at the beginning of his ministry, following his baptism by John.
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A new podcast from NECN and Jesus Shaped People

Coming soon! A new podcast from National Estate Churches Network (NECN) and Jesus Shaped People (JSP): Out of the Margins: Hearing and responding to voices from the edges of ministry.
Photo showing the chapel at the Scargill Community, overlayed with the text 'Sold Out'

Simpler, Humbler and Bolder Church now Sold Out!

If you were sill hoping to join us for the Simpler, Humbler and Bolder Church conference JSP are running with the Scargill Community in March, you will need to contact Brendan for a place on the waiting list.

Jesus Shaped Witness to other faiths. St Peter's, Stone Grove, Edgware. North London

St Peter’s, @OneStonegrove in Edgware, North London is a Church who completed the JSP Main Programme and navigated their way toward being ‘Jesus Shaped’ in their witness to other faiths in a complex multi faith setting and led the way in creative regeneration.
Photo showing children engaged in creative learning

Recruiting a Children, Young People and Families Champion - New advert

We are looking to recruit someone to champion the discipleship of Children, Young People and Families. This part time role is an exciting opportunity that includes a particular emphasis on mentoring and coaching church leaders and volunteers, enabling them to deliver the JSP discipleship programme.

Simpler, Humbler and Bolder Church

Can you imagine what a ‘Simpler, Humbler and Bolder Church’ would actually look like? What might our lives, our discipleship, look like if we personally took these words to heart?


‘Where is the one who has been born “King of the Jews”’, asked the Magi when they reached Jerusalem. Herod, who had been honoured with the title ‘King of the Jews’ by Augustus Caesar was deeply troubled. The extraordinary lavish palace he had constructed in Jerusalem was his second home.
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A Reflection for Advent

December hosts the season of Advent that encourages an expectation that Jesus is due to return. Paul’s 1st letter to Corinth closes with the Aramaic word ‘Maranatha’ meaning, ‘Come Lord’, and the book of Revelation closes the New Testament with the cry, ‘He who gives this message says “Yes, I am coming soon”.’
The World of Jesus: Preparing for Christmas

Meet Jesus in Context

In the run up to Christmas 2021 Gordon Day will again be running his successful eight-week online programme The World of Jesus.
Photo by Bankim Desai. Photo shows a butterfly emerging from its cocoon


It feels like we have been in a long season of waiting and loss. Covid has hit the whole world in a unique way. In this season we have lost so many things. People; freedom; our social life; access to uninterrupted education; jobs; the way of doing life; the list goes on.
Two pairs of boots; one adult and one child

Is intergenerational worship only for the brave?

Over the past 15 months, churches across the world have had to 'do church' differently. We have seen a huge amount of creativity, especially in the UK. Now with churches being able to open their doors again, what happens to our spirit of creativity?
Where have all the young people gone

Where have all the young people gone?

They have been named the Covid Generation. The long-term impact on education, employment and mental health are still unknown, but one thing is certain; it will be felt for generations after this one.  Our children and young people have been coping with: