What Next?

Want to know more?

Jesus Shaped People is a growing and evolving project. At first glance it can seem complicated and confusing, so this page is designed to give you some very simple information on what to do next, as well as point you to some key places on this site.

How do I get started with JSP?

Jesus Shaped People is very different to most discipleship or teaching 'programmes'—in fact, it isn't really a programme at all!

  • There are no books or resources to buy
  • You can't simply get started next week…
  • The JSP team are here to help with your Jesus Shaped Adventure

The resources for Jesus Shaped People are all here on this site, but you can't just start downloading everything right away. We want churches that embark on the Jesus Shaped People adventure to properly prepare. This process of preparation can take up to one year, and will certainly take several months. This is so that the whole Church has had opportunity to engage with Jesus Shaped People. Typically, there would be a period of preparation that would involve a member of the JSP team visiting your PCC or Church Council. We would be expecting 'buy in' from key leaders, and evidence that the church understands the commitment involved in Jesus Shaped People. The first stage in this preparation process is to make contact with the JSP Programme Leader, Brendan Bassett. Head to the Contact page for details of how to contact him!

Where can I find out more?

There is a lot of information about Jesus Shaped People on this site. It would be very helpful to your thinking and praying about JSP to thoroughly read and understand the core principles and ideas that form Jesus Shaped People. Here are a few of the key pages that you should read first of all:

We have now added sample resources to this site and those are linked over on the right of this page. Finally, if there are questions that you need to have an answer to, then you can send us a message using the contact form at the bottom of this (and every) page. We love to hear from churches that want to start their Jesus Shaped People adventure, and want to work with to help grow and develop your church.

Can I view the resources?

The full range of JSP materials and resources is vast, and growing. We make them freely available for download, although only to those churches who have completed the preparation process and have 'signed up' to Jesus Shaped People. However, we are pleased to make a limited selection of resources available for free download. This will enable you to take a peek at our resources and gain a fuller understanding of the style and quality of our materials. Click on the links below to download

Like what you see? Your next step is to head to the Contact page to make contact with us and take the first steps on your Jesus Shaped People adventure.