Puzzles of the Kingdom

Many churches will use Puzzles of the Kingdom following earlier use of the JSP Main Programme because they want to try and get to grips with some of the key ideas and themes in Jesus’ teaching that are reflected in his extraordinary parables and pictures.

Jesus taught in Parables

Jesus was a man with a message, but he was also a ‘man with a method’ for delivering his message. People were both able to recall his teaching, and explore and apply it to their own circumstances. His stories enabled them to easily recall the images, natural scenes, and characters he painted from ordinary life in Galilee.

Puzzles of the Kingdom is a Ten Week Programme

How many parables did Jesus use? Well it depends on what you call a parable. Some were one-liners like ‘you are salt’, others, like the Prodigal Son are lengthy, with lots of intriguing aspects that enable much truth to be drawn from them. ‘Puzzling this out’ is the reason for our title, and we have created a ten week programme that identifies a range of key ideas Jesus wants us to explore:

  • The Secret life of the Kingdom
  • Accepting the Kingdom
  • The Gracious King
  • The Humble King
  • Seek first the Kingdom
  • Perseverance in the Kingdom
  • Caring for People in the Kingdom
  • Forgiveness in the Kingdom
  • The Lure of Worldly Security
  • The Need to be Ready

Puzzles of the Kingdom resources match the normal JSP style, and so include worship resources, sermon notes, small group notes, and a full range of creative materials for including children and young people in this important JSP adventure.