Cross Shaped Jesus

Cross Shaped Jesus is a 6-week programme that looks at the Jesus Shaped People themes through the lens of the cross of Jesus. This is the first in what will become a series of programmes that help Jesus Shaped Churches continue to strengthen and develop their life together in the wake of Jesus Shaped People.

Many churches will be looking to use Cross Shaped Jesus during Lent, but the programme does not specifically need to be run during this season.

However, those who do use Cross Shaped Jesus as a Lent resource will find a number of extra optional resources that will help, including a set of Holy Week meditations.

Cross Shaped Jesus looks at:

  • The Folly of the Cross
  • The Wisdom of the Cross
  • The Scale of the Cross
  • The Victory of the Cross
  • The Way of the Cross

As with all JSP programmes, we provide the full range of resources.

  • Interactive and engaging small group studies packed with discussion points, activities, meditations, icebreakers etc.
  • Sermon Notes for preachers and clergy to develop the themes each Sunday
  • Worship resources and notice sheet outlines
  • Top quality Children's resources from under 5s up to 11 years.

The cross stands at the heart of the Christian message, and nobody can become 'Jesus Shaped' without understanding and living out the truth of the cross.

Help your church grasp the wonder and majesty of the cross with Cross Shaped Jesus!