Want to motivate your whole church for mission and service? Jesus Shaped People is a comprehensive and all-embracing programme, with resources for adults, children and young people. It can benefit a wide spectrum of churches from different traditions and contexts, especially smaller urban, inner city, social housing estate churches, churches with few or no children or young people, or churches without a Vicar or Minister. For an in-depth introduction, you can download the JSP summary leaflet. Jesus Shaped People builds on five key priorities in the life and ministry of Jesus:

  • People
  • Teaching
  • Team Building
  • Prayer
  • Prophetic Challenge

The five priorities are explored through interactive small groups studies, dynamic preaching and lively worship. Each of the themes takes three weeks, making a fifteen-week programme in total. If you would like to explore engaging with Jesus Shaped People, reach us through the contact page. We'd love to hear from you!

See Stay Alert to the Spirit in Action

Week one of the new Stay Alert to the Spirit course is now available to try without an account. Take a few minutes to check out all of week one and the video to see what the new intergenerational materials look like.
Photo of Jesus approaching through the wilderness

The Lowly One Comes: Yorkshire Advent Day

Join Gordon Dey on Thursday December 2nd for an Advent quiet day featuring reflections on the theme of 'exploring lowly leadership'. For all involved in church leadership—ordained or lay.
The World of Jesus: Preparing for Christmas

Meet Jesus in Context

In the run up to Christmas 2021 Gordon Day will again be running his successful eight-week online programme The World of Jesus.
Photo by Bankim Desai. Photo shows a butterfly emerging from its cocoon


It feels like we have been in a long season of waiting and loss. Covid has hit the whole world in a unique way. In this season we have lost so many things. People; freedom; our social life; access to uninterrupted education; jobs; the way of doing life; the list goes on.