Want to motivate your whole church for mission and service? Jesus Shaped People is a comprehensive and all-embracing programme, with resources for adults, children and young people. It can benefit a wide spectrum of churches from different traditions and contexts, especially smaller urban, inner city, social housing estate churches, churches with few or no children or young people, or churches without a Vicar or Minister. For an in-depth introduction, you can download the JSP summary leaflet. Jesus Shaped People builds on five key priorities in the life and ministry of Jesus:

  • People
  • Teaching
  • Team Building
  • Prayer
  • Prophetic Challenge

The five priorities are explored through interactive small groups studies, dynamic preaching and lively worship. Each of the themes takes three weeks, making a fifteen-week programme in total. If you would like to explore engaging with Jesus Shaped People, reach us through the contact page. We'd love to hear from you!

See Stay Alert to the Spirit in Action

Week one of the new Stay Alert to the Spirit course is now available to try without an account. Take a few minutes to check out all of week one and the video to see what the new intergenerational materials look like.

Simpler, Humbler and Bolder Church

Can you imagine what a ‘Simpler, Humbler and Bolder Church’ would actually look like? What might our lives, our discipleship, look like if we personally took these words to heart?


‘Where is the one who has been born “King of the Jews”’, asked the Magi when they reached Jerusalem. Herod, who had been honoured with the title ‘King of the Jews’ by Augustus Caesar was deeply troubled. The extraordinary lavish palace he had constructed in Jerusalem was his second home.
Photo showing sunbeams breaking through cloud over a rugged coastline

A Reflection for Advent

December hosts the season of Advent that encourages an expectation that Jesus is due to return. Paul’s 1st letter to Corinth closes with the Aramaic word ‘Maranatha’ meaning, ‘Come Lord’, and the book of Revelation closes the New Testament with the cry, ‘He who gives this message says “Yes, I am coming soon”.’