Stay Alert to the Spirit

Despite our technology, wealth, and 21st Century ‘know how’ we’ve been humbled by a virus, like an elite Premier League Football Club knocked out of the FA Cup by a team no one has heard of. How did this happen, how can we get rid of it, when will it end, how is it going to affect my future are legitimate questions. At Jesus Shaped People we felt there is another important question: What is God saying to the churches?
This ‘liminal space’ is a teaching moment, the spectre of suffering, death, economic meltdown, loss, and acute anxiety has at least temporarily arrested our attention and captured collective imagination. To try and help churches we have created a resource that is not an answer, but rather a tool to gather around this question, ‘What is God saying to the Churches?

Stay Alert to the Spirit (SATS) is a 7 week resource that includes material/ideas for worship, small groups, sermons, and intergenerational worship and teaching. It can be used in buildings or online and offered free of charge.

Sample Materials for Week 1

We are pleased to make the materials for Week 1: Setting the Scene available to try without an account. Take a few minutes to check out the resources, and the video to see what the new intergenerational materials look like. For access to the rest of Stay Alert to the Spirit just create an account.

Adult Materials

Intergenerational Materials