JSP Lite

JSP Lite meets the needs of churches that have previously adopted Jesus Shaped People and want to remind themselves of the five priorities of Jesus’ ministry. JSP Lite enables them to renew their focus on these, and review and evaluate their progress. Lite will often be used some years after a first experience of the JSP main programme, by which time there may also be lots of new church members who need to get a better grasp of JSP.

The JSP Lite six week programme

JSP Lite includes a full range of sermon notes, small group leader’s notes and children’s resources, and in a refreshingly different style to the JSP main programme, particularly in respect of the small group materials. The six week programme renews the priority of Jesus for the following:

  • People
  • Teaching
  • Team Building
  • Prayer
  • Prophetic Challenge
  • Love

Careful and prayerful planning is recommended to ensure that this renewal of JSP achieves best result—particularly in inviting people to take part in the small groups. The small group materials can also be used as a nurture group resource with new converts/church members.