Here are some stories from people who have been on the JSP journey.

“I’ve been in church all my life and I’ve done every course and sermon series going; this is by far the best one I have ever done”

—Eileen, 80, Christ Church Eston

Photo of Revd Graham Potter of Eston Christ Church with Normanby St George, Middlesbrough

We have seen so many benefits from running JSP within the parish:

We formed 5 small groups with people from across both churches mixing in these groups, this had never happened before. Running JSP has grown several small group leaders. People who had not led a small group were happy to lead their groups, the small group material is so easy to use it has built confidence in people that they can lead a group. We have found people who read the bible in their group are now reading during Sunday services. The small groups have continued to meet and a further group of 20s–40s have just begun to meet and are beginning to work through the JSP material. The whole parish has been energised and is excited about the future of our churches, with people again willing to invite friends and family to join us. There have been many quotes like Eileen’s, where people have really enjoyed the series.

As a church leader new to the parish running JSP has given me a lot of mileage. It has shown people that I can make good judgements, that I can be trusted to teach them well. It has shortened the settling in period new vicars need, considerably. It has reenergised the churches after a difficult time during Covid.

Revd Graham Potter, Eston Christ Church with Normanby St George, Middlesbrough

Photo of Revd Dave Roberts of Holy Trinity, Hounslow

We found Jesus Shaped People a fruitful phrase which helped us ask both, ‘how can we let Jesus shape us’ and ‘how should our lives be shaped’. The material gave us a shared language for discipleship which continues to be really helpful. Practically, the material allowed us to enter into the gospel narratives; it helped people who had never led anything to lead with confidence while letting the quieter people in the group ask questions and share fantastic testimonies.

—Revd Dave Roberts, Holy Trinity, Hounslow, West London

Photo of Revd Haydon Spenceley of Emmanuel Church, Northampton

“JSP’s whole church emphasis really helped us pull in the same direction and draw everyone together into first principles. The Pandemic has made faith more individualistic JSP counters that”

“JSP uses language that suits our diverse context, our small group leaders reported JSP materials gave them fresh confidence and re-purposed their groups. The JSP priorities really got in our DNA for everyday faith”

—Revd Haydon Spenceley, Emmanuel Church, Weston Favell

Photo of St Peter’s @OneStonegrove, North London

“JSP is refreshingly different, an approach that resists reflecting white middle class values alone. JSP helped on our journey from doing things to our community, to doing things with our community. The whole Church emphasis brings real value, especially to inter-generational work which is such a vital part of our witness on a regeneration estate.”

“JSP leads a church to understand and imagine what the light of Jesus looks like in their own context and helps create a long obedience in the same direction, it presents a call to surrender control to Jesus.”

“As a 3 Church team ministry JSP gave us the opportunity to share missional insights and multiple perspectives across very different types of church traditions.” 

—Revd Simon Rea, St Peter’s @OneStonegrove, Edgware, North London

Photo of Revd Chris Fallone of North Manchester Mission Unit

“We found the 15 weeks of the main programme allowed us the time to focus, and think through what we are supposed to be doing in helpful way. JSP made us see how outward facing activity is a part of the Church’s’ mission and recognise Sunday morning is not the only ‘shop window’ for the Gospel”  

“The JSP small group material in particular deepened and strengthened fellowship in a profound and memorable way, it also showed us just how important it is to share faith and see ourselves as integral to the community” 

—Rev Chris Fallone. North Manchester Mission Unit