Intergenerational hang outs

Where are the Intergenerational places in your life? Where would Jesus hang out to meet people?  


Sitting in a coffee today I am struck by how much people need people! We could all sit at home and drink coffee on our own, but sometimes we crave 'hubbub', social interaction and to be around people of all ages - and 'free' wifi and heating! Today this place is busy! There's a trip from a local independent centre for young adults - and the teacher is doing all the fetching carrying! Over in the corner is a worker in hi-vis on lunch-break from the vaccination centre. There is a multi generational group of mum, dad, baby and grandad. The students from up the hill are escaping the college canteen. There are friends gathering and individuals like me. (and cake of course!)


Where would Jesus be in this melee of ages? Where is your Intergenerational hang out?  Where can we be Jesus Shaped with people we do not even know?