Intergenerational Festivals

Photo of a sunset over water

Isn't it great to see large groups gathering again? This weekend is famous for a festival at Worthy Farm, but there is a much better one over in Crediton, Devon. I am here this weekend to volunteer and lead the craft tent. As I sit here in the tea break tent, I can see scores of happy children and teenagers running¬—or mooching—around, playing football on the lovely green space, riding on the free fairground rides and eating food cooked over camp stoves. This is the 'calm' before the event launches in earnest in an hour, with worship, games and lots of (happy) screaming. This is Spree South West. And we are in Devon in beautiful Shobrooke Park.

Apart from the thousand or so children, there is a team of hundreds of adults and team leaders. And the ages range from the leaders' babies, often being looked after by enthusiastic teenagers, to grandparents volunteering to cook. This truly an intergenerational experience, and the volunteers are often as keen as the participants to join in the myriad of activities that connect us to 'One God' (This year's theme).

It is a busy, beautiful microcosm of life. Some come in families. Others are invited by friends. Many have never been to any kind of church before. And the adults range from 'cool' worship leaders to embarrassing mums (that's me!)

All are welcome, all giftings are embraced and all are involved. That is our dream for Church. All welcome, all embraced, all involved. That is the intergenerational ministry JSP explores and encourages.