Preparing the Way

From today we are pleased to offer JSP ‘Preparing the Way’ materials in the unrestricted area of the website.
Photo of JSP team leader Brendan Bassett seated for a recording

Partnering with

We're pleased to announce a new partnership with Rev Andy Thomas and the team at Looking forward to creating a special Jesus Shaped People promotional film in South Bristol soon as well as future JSP Podcasts.

Journeying through the Bible with children

Picture the scene. It’s Saturday night and I suddenly remember I am on rota to lead kids church in the morning. I scrabble around to find my notes to see what I’m supposed to be teaching about. Find my Bible to read the passage.
Photo of JSP trustees and staff praying for Brendan Bassett at his welcome celebration service.

JSP Celebration & Welcome to Brendan Bassett

JSP was well and truly celebrated, and Rev’d Brendan Bassett was warmly welcomed as our new JSP Team Leader, at the gathering on Saturday 11th January at St John’s Church, Great Horton, Bradford.
Photo of a Christmas decoration of Mary and Jospeh cradling the infant Jesus

Like Father, Like Son

In recent years, through personal experiences in family life and friendship, I’ve gained a greater awareness of the needs of children who, for one reason or another, need to be fostered or adopted. As a society we rightly give special priority to the care and support of such children.

JSP Celebration, Saturday January 11th 2020 at 3:00pm

We warmly invite everyone linked to Jesus Shaped People, including children and young people, to join us for this special Celebration event that will include a warm welcome to Revd. Brendan Bassett as our new Team Leader.

Welcome to Brendan Bassett

We’re thrilled to announce the appointment of Revd. Brendan Bassett as JSP Team Leader. Brendan will head up the JSP Core Team that is spearheading the spread of JSP across the UK, through the growth of a team of Regional Co-ordinators who are growing the capacity of JSP.

Children and Young People new material

Well we've been promising it for a while. The new children and young people curriculum for the main programme is finally here. It has been written, trialled and tested and now it is now available for you to download from the website.
Screenshot of the new JSP web site

New JSP Web Site

Welcome to the new Jesus Shaped People web site.

Team Leader/s* Recruitment

(Applications are invited from both part-time and full-time candidates) Jesus Shaped People has been steadily growing across the UK, and is enabling many churches, especially those that serve socially disadvantaged areas, to enjoy fresh spiritual renewal and missional effectiveness.
Screenshot of the beta JSP web site

Watch Out for JSP Web Site Changes

As some of you will have heard by now, for the last several months we have been hard at work on a complete rebuild of the JSP web site.
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Pentecost Heralds New JSP Leadership Plan After Funding Boost

July will see the launch of a recruitment process for new JSP leadership.
Delegates at the 2019 JSP Moving On Conference

Moving On: JSP’s 1st National Conference at The Briery in Ilkley

We didn’t sing On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at (even though for some it was their first visit to Ilkley) and there wasn’t much time for wandering about on the Moor. But we had a very special time together that added much to JSP foundations for ensuring healthy future growth.
Photo of a group from Wilsden Trinity Church getting involved in JSP

JSP in Wilsden, West Yorkshire

Happy Jesus Shaped People?
Photo of Gordon Dey presenting JSP at St. George's, Lupset

JSP in Wakefield

A great time was had by all who attended the Jesus Shaped People taster session on Saturday 9th February, at St. George's Church, Lupset in Wakefield.

JSP's Future Development

JSP is developing in a way that encourages churches to support one another in their adoption of JSP. Such a process requires that our ‘Central Core Team’ is small and flexible as it responds to fresh opportunities and challenges.