A Cross for Holy Week

As our isolation has meant all regular routines for Holy Week have been disrupted, we were missing having a palm cross to display in our home this week.

A quiet Palm Sunday

We have posted a Palm Sunday video message on our Facebook page ’See your King comes to you gentle, and riding on a donkey’ 

Light at home

The world is changing.  The way that we interact with our families is changing.  Covid-19 has changed the face of our society.   For the moment, school, work and visiting friends and family has to change.

The One Legged Pidgeon by Brendan

It feels like we're moving toward a ‘teachable moment’. A time to ask what really matters and what does not, a time for churches to become more ‘Jesus Shaped’ too.

Preparing the Way

From today we are pleased to offer JSP ‘Preparing the Way’ materials in the unrestricted area of the website.
Photo of JSP team leader Brendan Bassett seated for a recording

Partnering with thefuelcast.com

We're pleased to announce a new partnership with Rev Andy Thomas and the team at thefuelcast.com. Looking forward to creating a special Jesus Shaped People promotional film in South Bristol soon as well as future JSP Podcasts.

Journeying through the Bible with children

Picture the scene. It’s Saturday night and I suddenly remember I am on rota to lead kids church in the morning. I scrabble around to find my notes to see what I’m supposed to be teaching about. Find my Bible to read the passage.
Photo of JSP trustees and staff praying for Brendan Bassett at his welcome celebration service.

JSP Celebration & Welcome to Brendan Bassett

JSP was well and truly celebrated, and Rev’d Brendan Bassett was warmly welcomed as our new JSP Team Leader, at the gathering on Saturday 11th January at St John’s Church, Great Horton, Bradford.
Photo of a Christmas decoration of Mary and Jospeh cradling the infant Jesus

Like Father, Like Son

In recent years, through personal experiences in family life and friendship, I’ve gained a greater awareness of the needs of children who, for one reason or another, need to be fostered or adopted. As a society we rightly give special priority to the care and support of such children.

JSP Celebration, Saturday January 11th 2020 at 3:00pm

We warmly invite everyone linked to Jesus Shaped People, including children and young people, to join us for this special Celebration event that will include a warm welcome to Revd. Brendan Bassett as our new Team Leader.