A Jesus Shaped Easter

Dear JSP Friends Easter Day dawns again—and with signs of springtime all around us.

New part-time JSP priest is licensed

The Reverend Henriette Howarth has been licensed as a priest in the Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales, with specific part-time responsbility for Jesus Shaped People.

Jesus Shaped People at the 'Growing with God' Conference

Andy Delmege, the JSP co-ordinator for Birmingham diocese was a contributor to the 'Growing with God' conference. Here is a gallery of photographs that gives a flavour of the event.

Jesus Shaped People comes to Headingley

Headingley might be known more in popular culture for Cricket and Rugby League—but one Headingley Church is starting its Jesus Shaped People adventure.

New course helps churches to prepare the way for JSP

A brand new course to help churches to get ready for Jesus Shaped People has been released.
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Get a taste of Jesus Shaped People!

We've always made it clear that we encourage churches to undergo a period of careful planning and preparation before embraking on the Jesus Shaped People adventure.

JSP in Thorpe Edge

Thorpe Edge was one of the very first Jesus Shaped People Churches. Here we have two of the key people from the church speaking about their JSP experiences.

Celebrate All Saints with JSP

The next Jesus Shaped People is only a couple of months away, and it time to start making plans to come along!
Photo of Gordon Dey

Chester Diocese website features JSP

It's not often that Jesus Shaped People makes the front page of a diocesan website - and especially when its not even our home diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales.

JSP churches enjoy a joyful celebration

The latest Jesus Shaped People Celebration took place on Sunday July 12th, when a good crowd of folks made their way to St Michaels Shelf.