New JSP Trust Formation

  • Posted on: 10 December 2016
  • By: Gordon

Jesus Shaped People (JSP) is moving on. Having begun life in the Parish of Tong and Holme Wood in Bradford in 2005, in the past four years it has been adopted by other churches, and generously supported by the diocese of Bradford/Leeds and the Church Commissioners. Now a new Charitable Trust has been established that will oversee future development.

JSP has brought benefit to churches and communities in some of our most socially disadvantaged areas. Large social housing estates are a special priority for JSP, and it has already impacted in such communities in Bradford, Leeds, Birmingham and Blackpool. It has also proved to be effective with churches in more prosperous areas.

The launch of the new Trust will take place on Saturday February 18th at 3 pm in Bradford Cathedral. Canon Gordon Dey, who has overseen the development of JSP, comments: ‘The event will be an important landmark in JSP’s progress as it expands its horizons and develops new capacity to meet growing interest from the wider church. It will be wonderful to bring together a host of people from churches that have adopted JSP, and give thanks for all that God is doing. We warmly invite all those who are interested in Jesus Shaped People to come along and join us.’

JSP describes itself as a ’whole church discipleship adventure’. It offers churches a vision and a method that enables them to see more clearly the ‘Jesus Way’, so that they can adopt his mission priorities. A key task of the new JSP Trust will be to seek sufficient financial support to enable a small core staff team to be established that can work with partners to support local churches that are interested to use JSP as a key discipleship tool.

The new Board of Trustees is to be chaired by Bishop Paul Slater, Bishop of Richmond. Bishop Paul has followed the story of JSP’s development over recent years and warmly encouraged its development, and writes: ‘"The Church of England is committed to staying and working in some of our toughest communities. Jesus Shaped People is an ongoing programme which gives churches, particularly in these areas, an exciting way of developing, growing and engaging. I look forward to the next phase of its development." Churches that are interested to know more about JSP can go to the website:, or contact Gordon Dey on 01274 674565, or at

Update: This page was updated on 26th April 2017 as the contact telephone number changed.