Jesus-Shaped Songs: ‘HERE I AM, LORD’ and ‘LOVE OVERFLOWING’

  • Posted on: 7 March 2017
  • By: Gordon

The recent Launch of the new JSP Charitable Trust included the introduction of two new songs written specially for JSP by James Dey. 

The first of these, ‘Here I Am Lord’ is inspired by Francis of Assisi’s simple prayer ‘Who are you, Lord, and who am I’ that at the time so captivated Brother Leo, an early follower of Francis.  The hushed repetitive chant is reminiscent of Taize.

The second, ‘Love Overflowing’ explores the way in which the work of God – as Son, Spirit and Father, can invade us, and bring his rich dimension of harmony and unity.  The chorus to each verse ends, ‘And may we be one Body of Christ, with love overflowing in our lives.’