Time to pray for Jesus Shaped People

Silhouette of a figure kneeling before a cross

Many of us are praying for Jesus Shaped People - both in the parishes themselves, and more widely. We even have a dedicated team of 'prayer supporters' who are praying for JSP on an ongoing basis.

But we've never held a dedicated meeting to pray for Jesus Shaped People.... until now.

Join with us on February 21st at St Matthews Church, Bankfoot to pray for Jesus Shaped People. The gathering will start at 4.00 pm (note the earlier time from that previously used for Celebration services) and will last for around one hour.

JSP programme leader, Gordon Dey, comments

We're hoping that this will be an opportunity for JSP congregations to come together to pray for the impact of JSP in our parishes and diocese.  There are lots of churches that have recently completed the main programme, and lots due to start after Easter.  JSP is also approaching an important milestone as we plan for future expansion and growth, so we'd also be glad for people to join us in prayer for this too.  Henriette Howarth, our new JSP team member, will be leading the event.

We have a poster which can be downloaded, printed out and displayed in your church. Please make use of this and we look forward to seeing you on February 21st.