A Jesus Shaped Easter

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Dear JSP Friends

Easter Day dawns again—and with signs of springtime all around us.

Jesus Shaped People is offering a springtime of freshness and fruitfulness to an increasing number of churches and church members. It's a joy to see this taking place in so many places and parishes.

Jesus is Risen....Alleluia!  His disciples can experience the fruits of his great resurrection and rejoice that Jesus longs to step into the shoes of his church.  Our JSP vision and challenge is to ensure that 'the shoes' are the right shape and size for his feet.  He wants to walk the streets of Bradford and Birmingham, Blackpool and Beverley - in the shoes of his church - today and tomorrow.

Peter's feet needed the Jesus treatment....but he needed a bit of persuading!  It took a hard word from Jesus to convince him to capitulate, and allow Jesus to mess with his feet - and clean him up.

Paul's awareness of being 'in Christ' had begun right at the start on the Damascus Road, when Jesus' question, 'Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me' was the most striking message that Jesus was continuing to walk the streets of Jerusalem and Damascus in the shoes of his followers.

Happy Easter....may the joy of his resurrection be our inspiration for a reshaping of his church that 'fits his feet' and gives him opportunity to 'walk the walk' that he longs to do today.

Every Easter Blessing