Peace Be With You: A Jesus Shaped People Celebration

Celebrating Easter Peace

We are excited to announce that the next Jesus Shaped People Celebration will be happening on April 19th.
Illustration of puzzle pieces

Unlocking the puzzle of the kingdom

The 'Puzzles of the Kingdom' is the latest addition to the ever-expanding range of Jesus Shaped People support materials.
Cross Shaped Jesus

Cross Shaped Jesus released in time for Lent

We are pleased to announce the launch of the newly revamped and developed 'Cross Shaped Jesus'
Photo of Baildon Methodist Church

Baildon launches into Spirit Filled Church

A bright but bitterly cold Sunday morning just after the New Year festivities felt more like an occasion for snuggling under the duvet.
2015 Shaping Our Future

New Year sees more churches jumping on board JSP

First of all. a very Happy and Jesus Shaped New Year to all JSP Churches and supporters!
Jesus Shaped Paul: 25th January 2015

Next JSP Celebration Announced

Here are the first details of the next exciting 'Jesus Shaped People' Celebration evening.
Church Growth Resourcing Mission Bulletin

JSP featured in 'Resourcing Mission' bulletin

  Great news! Jesus Shaped People has been featured in the latest edition of the Resourcing Mission Bulletin!
Photo of a man shrugging

Three TERRIBLE reasons to use Jesus Shaped People

There are lots of good reasons to use Jesus Shaped People in your church. Here are three terrible ones:
Photo of a slow cooker

Why Jesus Shaped People is like using a slow cooker.

As I sit at my desk writing this piece, I can smell the gently simmering joint of beef in the slow cooker in my kitchen...

Six reasons why JSP is an amazing toolkit for your Church

1. It’s based on a concept so simple we wonder why nobody thought of it before When Jesus first bumped into Peter and Andrew he had two words for them. Follow Me.
Photo of Gordon Dey introducing JSP at Christ Church Lancaster

Sneak Peek inside a JSP Intro Session

Is your church thinking about engaging with Jesus Shaped People? If so, you will start with an Introduction Session for clergy and church leaders. Paul Walker explains what happens by looking at one such event...
Like Us On Facebook

JSP is on Facebook

We're pleased to announce that Jesus Shaped People has joined Facebook!