Unlocking the puzzle of the kingdom

Illustration of puzzle pieces

The 'Puzzles of the Kingdom' is the latest addition to the ever-expanding range of Jesus Shaped People support materials.

As you'll doubtless have figured out from the name, this is a programme which explores the Parables of Jesus from the Gospels. With an exciting blend of bible study, interaction, prayer suggestions and discussion, this new range of resources will help your church to drill down into the powerful and challenging teaching that Jesus has in his parables.

How does this 'fit' with the Jesus Shaped People programme? You'll recall that Jesus Shaped People examines five key priorities of Jesus' earthly ministry. One of those is 'Teaching'. Whilst we explore this in a 3-week block within the core JSP 15-week programme, we are of course only really scratching the surface...

With 'Puzzles of the Kingsom', you are able to go deeper with Jesus' teaching ministry - which was largely based around his many parables. This makes it the perfect 'follow up' - perhaps for a church that did the main Jesus Shaped People some while ago, and wants to 'refresh' one of the core principles.

'Puzzles of the Kingdom' comes with small group materials, worship resources and sermon notes. Children and young people's materials will be coming soon. Churches who are 'signed up' with JSP can now access this material in our Resources section.