Celebrating the Easter Peace

The latest Jesus Shaped People Celebration took place on Sunday April 19th - the venue being St John's Thorpe Edge, one of the original five JSP churches. Scroll down for a selection of photos and recollections from this event.


One of the most important aspects of the JSP events is the opprotunity to meet up with friends old and new from the JSP 'family'. Here we see early arrivals chatting before the service got started.

Photo of Gordon opening up the theme

Gordon Dey opened up the whole theme of peace, tracing it through the biblical story - before, during and after the ministry of Jesus.

Photo of attendees sharing the peace

It's not about talking peace - but also sharinig it.

Here we see the congregation sharing the peace together.

Photo of some food

No JSP Celebration would complete without food!

We usually break half way through for a cuppa, a bite to eat and a chat.

Photo of people sitting down having a bit of fellowship

Even when the formal part of the evening is finished, it is not at all unusual to see people sitting down and having a bit of fellowship together - there are people here from at least four different church congregations!