Fresh look for JSP Downloads

We are always looking to develop and improve our resources  - and, today, we are pleased to be able to announce that a complete revamp of core Jesus Shaped People has gone live on this site. The previous materials were the first attempt to provide downloads here on our site.

Inevitably we had quite a bit of feedback, and we have taken all of that onboard in doing the re-design. We've now moved on from making documents in Microsft Word in favour of the much more advanced page layout features of Adobe Indesign. That has meant that we are able to present the materials in more professional style.

Improvements include:

  • Smaller Downloads - most files and templates have been reduced in size from several Mb down to a couple of hundred KB. That's great news for those with smaller Internet connections.
  • Less Colour - following requests from some of our users, we have removed or reduced colour photography. That's going to be helpful for those using church photocopiers or desktop printers
  • Stylish Templates - professionally designed layout with custom icons for easy-of-use.
  • Many edits, corrections and improvements in grammar and spelling!

It's part of our mission to provide the best quality resources for our partner churches! We continue to improve and enhance our materials to provide the best possible experience for clergy, group leaders and children's workers.

We hope you enjoy using the new resources.