New intergenerational material

The face of ministry has changed drastically over the past six months.  We have online church, drive through church, pop up church, home church, online conferences and Zoom coffee.  But God hasn't changed.  He remains the same always.

We have written the new Stay Alert to the Spirit to help the church think through what God might be saying to them during this season.  We know that some of you might already be back into your church building, exploring what this new season of worship looks like.  Some of you may be doing some face-to-face Sunday ministry and some online.  We have written the new intergenerational material with that in mind.

We know that there are a lot of restrictions, rules and regulations with regards to children and youth work*, especially with Sunday worship.  Some families with smaller children might feel unable to come back to church at the moment.  There also might be families that have never been through your church door who are watching your online services that you would like to engage with further.  We pray that this material will be a blessing to you.

This material will work both online and face-to-face.  Each week there is a video to watch and then six different questions to explore.  We think that families with toddlers should enjoy this just as much as the rest of you, so we have written special questions for toddlers.  This will allow them to fully engage and give them space to tell the rest of the church family what God is saying to them.

If you are doing this online, you will want to show the video on your normal online platform; give the families the questions and time to explore them together and then catch up with a Zoom coffee and listen to all that God has been saying to people.  All of the materials that you need to explore each question can be readily found at home.

If you are doing this face-to-face, show the video.  During this season, the guidelines ask 'bubbles' not to share craft materials etc, so print off, or pop on a screen, the six questions; provide some craft materials for each bubble and allow them to explore some or all of the questions.  Then talk about what God has been saying as a big church family at the end.  We know of one church who is creating a 'boat' in the middle of their worship area, with several 'boats' for each family bubble to hop on to so they can all explore together.  Pray and use the creativity and inspiration that God gives you.

We pray that you will really enjoy using these materials.  They are all free to download, you just need to register with your details.  If you need any advice or guidance, please feel free to contact Dawn, our National Children and Young People Advisor who would be only too happy to help

Holding you all in prayer especially during this season.


*Check your own Diocese/denomination for guidelines as well as