JSP is for JOY

When was the last time you felt Joy? Laughed uncontrollably?  Experienced a sense of freedom?

This weekend I had a great deal of joy!  Meeting up with old friends, belly aching laughter and the comfort of my best pal doing my hair.  None of this was expensive or required 'stuff', but just needed being present to each other. 

However, none of this really compares to the Joy of time with Jesus.  On Sunday I was blessed to see my 13 year old choosing  to be baptised in the sea, along with three others.  The joy of singing, the joy of an open air service on the beach, the joy of surrender, the joy of freedom, the joy of becoming Jesus shaped.  

Joy - to me - seems to be about being present and the presence of those who bring us joy.  Family, friends and Jesus - for me.