We all know the saying, "Better to seek forgiveness than ask permission", but with a Wedding this would seem a bit of a risk.

My brother and his partner got married recently.  Well, they planned and booked the Wedding and sent out the invites... then a bureaucratic spanner hit the works.  The country my sister-in-law is linked to did not send through the correct paperwork so with a fast approaching date they had a dilemma.  Do they cancel, postpone or marry? 

Well they did not break the law and simply go ahead, but they adapted.

Instead of a Wedding it became a ring blessing, and instead of a church their venue was a beautiful local park. This was followed by a huge party including games, singing, dancing and much cake! I was privileged to be asked to say the blessing on them - as a person of Faith and not a minister.  Now the forgiveness part comes in! They did not 'ask permission' of the park or check if bagpipes were allowed - but the other residents certainly seemed to enjoy the 30 minute 'ceremony'!  

This made me think about how we need to be willing to adapt things at times - and even change location or leader when we need to.  There is nothing more intergenrational than a Wedding:  food, laughter, celebration, prayer and many ages gathering as one. This would seem to be a good model for the way we meet as a Church: gathering to focus on Jesus, with all ages and backgrounds

Of course my brother is looking forward to marrying legally as soon as possible, but for now he and his fiancee know they are loved by God, family, friends and each-other.  And that is the biggest blessing.