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Have you ever made an embarrassing mistake?

if you have not then I would love to know your secret!  

I have embarrassed myself, my kids and anyone around me many times!  From the most humiliating noise that emanated from me when I sat down on the floor in a lesson when I was 11, to the most boring assembly ever that I badly planned as a trainee teacher and dancing with the Headteacher as a Newly Qualified Teacher ... lots of these have been associated with educational places.  I had a fight with my best friend in the playground and got in trouble for being highly disruptive.  I have taught some shockingly bad lessons and cried in front of the students.  I have forgotten teacher's names as a parent and had to leave school performances early with screaming toddlers. 

Nevertheless, I love School!  As a governor and former Schools worker for my Church, there is no place I'd rather be than a school hall, and nothing better than teaching an engaged class some fabulous detail of the Bible.  Schools are places where children learn, socialise and feel safe - and that is why they are places where the Church should be!

There is so much we can do and give: thank you notes and treats, breakfast for the staff, Christian books and Bibles, governorship, assemblies, RE lessons, Prayer Spaces...

Jesus Shaped People can help you identify ways to help. and provide useful resources and signposts.

As for spelling, well I am sure that you all noticed the deliberate mistake... one poor sign-writer misspelt school recently in bright yellow paint.  Ironically I am sure the mistake was noticed first by a savvy 5 year old!