Family Fun!

Holiday Clubs are often a stalwart of Christian outreach, but what happens when you are low on volunteers?  Or parents seem reluctant to drop off their children?  Or you are just lacking in a little bit of energy and time?

Holding an Intergenerational Outreach - or Family Fun Day - is increasingly becoming a way to serve our communities.  This can involve the whole church - baking, giving, setting up, serving, chatting, praying - and is a great way of linking the oldest and the youngest. 

Trinity Church, Barnstaple in Devon, recently held a two-day club where parents of all backgrounds came with their children aged 0-15.  The biggest discovery was that crafts are not just for kids!  One mum commented that she had not been in a church since childhood whilst she coloured in her wooden cross, and her son came to take part in a 'skittle prayer' to remember a precious person who had recently passed on.  Another brought her 5-month twins, having someone to hold one of them whilst she had a coffee.  One mum brought grandad, who sat drawing whilst the baby played in the 'pasta pool'.  All generations, all experiencing the abundant welcome and hospitality of Jesus. 

Eating, story, game, discussion, prayer, creativity.  All elements of Intergenerational Ministry.  All Jesus Shaped.