Sharing God's Story

Children really humble you don't they?! Two assemblies today, and the children in KS1 (5/6/7 year olds) have never had a Christian assembly before (due to covid and lack of volunteers). Consequently, my prayer and Amen was greeted with complete silence!  A reminder not to make assumptions about prior experience of church, protocol and customs!

We were thinking about something God has been putting on my heart a great deal recently - looking back and looking forward.  I asked the children to reflect on their first day at their school, and think where they see themselves in the future. I talked to them about God being there for me.  It did not really matter that they had little or no Biblical knowledge; in the brief moments of silence, God was able to speak into our hearts. 

Second assembly and  KS2 seemed to 'get' the expectations  - and a chorus of Amen's greeted my blessing.  What an opportunity! 

Going into schools is a way to reach our community, families and those on the fringe,.  Why not encourage your church to volunteer and bless primary schools?  The door is open and you are guaranteed fun, laughter and a dose of humility like me!