Three TERRIBLE reasons to use Jesus Shaped People

Photo of a man shrugging

Photo of a man shrugging

There are lots of good reasons to use Jesus Shaped People in your church.

Here are three terrible ones:

1. ‘We don’t have anything for next weeks study group’

Ever been in this situation? Church life is incredibly busy. You’re chasing your tail trying to get everything done. You know that there is nothing for the next series of small group meetings – and you simply don’t have time to write something yourself.

Why Jesus Shaped People is like using a slow cooker.

Photo of a slow cooker


As I sit at my desk writing this piece, I can smell the gently simmering joint of beef in the slow cooker in my kitchen...

It’s already been cooking for a couple of hours. It’s got about three hours to go. And by the time my children come for a family roast meal this evening it will be so tender that carving it will be like slicing a hot knife through butter.

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