Three TERRIBLE reasons to use Jesus Shaped People

Photo of a man shrugging

There are lots of good reasons to use Jesus Shaped People in your church.

Here are three terrible ones:

1. ‘We don’t have anything for next weeks study group’

Ever been in this situation? Church life is incredibly busy. You’re chasing your tail trying to get everything done. You know that there is nothing for the next series of small group meetings – and you simply don’t have time to write something yourself.

That’s when your attention turns to the Jesus Shaped People website. You see the slew of downloadable resources – and your eyes light up!

Whilst you could in theory press JSP into service as a bible study course it would be just about the worst way to use it.

Jesus Shaped People isn’t a bible study course. It’s actually not a course at all. It’s not even really a programme, even though we use that term for convenience sake.

No. Jesus Shaped People is a process. It’s a way to re-orientate the church around the life of Jesus. Shoehorning JSP into your existing house group programme is a sure-fire way to completely miss the point.

2. ‘We’ve tried everything else, so we’ll give this a go’

Well, at least that’s an honest comment!

Lots of us have probably been in that position. We’ve tried this or that approach – but nothing has seemed to work. Eventually we chance upon Jesus Shaped People, and decide that it’s got to be worth a shot…

But here’s the problem. We’re ‘taking a shot’ at getting our church moving, instead of going right back to first principles. Instead of thinking about the ‘why’, we’re focused on the ‘what’.

And that’s probably going to lead us to more frustration and disappointment.

The good news is that Jesus Shaped People can get us right back to those first principles. By this we mean the life of Jesus himself. What better principles could we follow?

As someone said recently: ‘Jesus Shaped People is blindingly simple. We look at what Jesus did. Then ask what would happen if we did those things as well’

3. ‘Our church isn’t growing so we need a quick fix’

This is a tricky one. On the one hand recognising that your church isn’t quite working in the way you know it should is a good start.

But the problem comes when you think JSP is going be your quick fix.

Frankly there is no quick fix. Not JSP. Not any other course, programme or resource.

So forget about the quick fix. Start thinking of a long-term strategic plan to ‘turn around’ the whole ethos, priorities and strategy of your whole church operation.

That’s where Jesus Shaped People really can help. But it won’t happen overnight.

Think in terms of planning, praying and preparing for many months – perhaps up to one year. And once the 15-week programme has been completed expect to spend lots of time figuring out a plan of action and a future strategy for mission.

Put in the time, the prayer, the planning, the thinking and the follow up – and Jesus Shaped People can get YOUR church moving in the right direction.

Just don’t expect a quick fix.....