First Celebration Event of 2015 explores Jesus Shaped Paul

Photo of people gathered at St Michael's Cottingley

The first Jesus Shaped People Celebration Event has taken place at St Michael's Cottingley. A healthy gathering around 50 people came together on a bitingly cold January night to share in this evening.

Cottingley is one of the original five JSP churches and were pleased to use their wonderful facility to welcome to Jesus Shaped People. The 'home team' music group led our worship, including Vicar, Gary Hodgson (seen here on guitar)

Photo of Gary Hodgson and team leading musical worship

Jesus Shaped People from Holmewood, Thorpe Edge, Shelf, Buttershaw, Heaton and Eldwick joined members of Cottingley for the 90 minute service, which blended worship, visuals, teaching and fellowship.

Programme Leader Gordon Dey, explored how the Apostle Paul (the Celebration fell on the commemoration of the Conversion of Paul) was thoroughly Jesus Shaped in his appraoch to ministry and mission.

Photo of Gordon Dey preaching on the Apostle Paul

Look out for an upload of Gordon's sermon, coming soon on this website.

In the meantime here is a visual presentation used in the Celebration. It focuses on the words of St Paul in 1 Corinthians 13.