Pentecost Heralds New JSP Leadership Plan After Funding Boost

  • Posted on: 24 June 2019
  • By: Gordon
Supported by Allchurches Trust Limited

July will see the launch of a recruitment process for new JSP leadership. Over the past two years JSP Trustees have worked, and prayed—with many others, for the financial resources to enable the formation of a JSP Central Core Team that will strengthen the capacity of JSP to respond to ever growing interest and adoption by churches. We have been greatly encouraged by the generous giving of individuals and churches that have been blessed by JSP, and the continued growth of such donations will be essential for JSP’s long-term sustainability. In the short term JSP Trustees have sought additional financial support from a small number of Christian Trusts, and we were ecstatic when news arrived recently that a grant of £90,000, to be available over a period of three years, has been awarded by the Allchurches Trust.

The Allchurches award, plus earlier awards from two other Christian Trusts, together with gifts from churches and individuals who want to be partners in our mission, is sufficient to enable JSP to take a huge step forward in establishing our long-awaited Central Core Team. Having already appointed Dawn Savidge last year to the new post of National JSP Children and YP advisor, our next step will be the recruitment of an FTE Team Leader, and we are currently preparing a recruitment package so that we can invite applications for this position. We are also exploring whether to make this post a Job-share opportunity that would lead to the appointment of two part time Team Leaders, one based in the north of the UK and one in the south.

When new leadership is in place we plan to further strengthen our capacity with the appointment of a part-time JSP administrator who will oversee our growing admin needs and maintain our website.

It would be grand to see all this happen before the end of 2019.

Gordon Dey, who has been JSP’s volunteer Team Leader in recent years, warmly welcomes this new chapter: ‘These are exciting days for Jesus Shaped People, and will greatly add to its capacity to contribute to the renewal and rebuilding of the church, particularly by inspiring and resourcing churches that serve urban disadvantaged areas. That this opportunity became possible “on the Day of Pentecost” is very remarkable!’

If you would like information about the new Team Leader position do please feel free to ask for details.