JSP Appoints National Children and Young People’s Advisor

  • Posted on: 31 January 2019
  • By: Gordon

JSP recently appointed its first National Children and Young People’s Advisor. Dawn Savidge began work in this vital part-time post in September 2018, having already spent a year working for JSP in the Diocese of Leeds. Dawn’s work includes oversight and development of JSP resources for children and young people, and ensuring that churches that adopt JSP across the UK find good support for their work with children. Dawn recently presented her vision for this work to the JSP Trustees, reminding them of Jesus’s priority for including and protecting children. Dawn’s early focus has included completing children’s resources for the new ‘Team Building’ resource, with a more flexible ‘Pick and Mix’ character to ensure that the widely varied nature of children’s groups are well resourced. Dawn is currently revamping the JSP main programme in a similar way, with an expansion of All Age provision. Dawn writes: ‘I’m thrilled to be working for JSP, and looking forward to enabling churches that work with children and young people to be more effective. I believe children have a huge amount that they can offer to their local church as they become spiritually in tune with God’s purposes.