JSP's Future Development

  • Posted on: 6 February 2019
  • By: Gordon

JSP is developing in a way that encourages churches to support one another in their adoption of JSP. Such a process requires that our ‘Central Core Team’ is small and flexible as it responds to fresh opportunities and challenges.

In addition to appointing a part-time National Children and YP Advisor, JSP Trustees are urgently seeking finance that will enable the recruitment of a full time Team Leader plus administrative and website support. Would you like to help us with this? Churches and individuals are warmly invited to become partners in the JSP Adventure in whatever way is appropriate and possible. Gifts and donations can be made to our JSP Treasurer, Mr Tony Hesselwood, 38, Bromley Road, Shipley BD18 4DX. Tel 01274 586613 or hesselwood@btinternet.com. Forms are available for Gift Aid to enable us to reclaim Income Tax. Gifts can also be made through the website.

We also welcome your prayers, and a bi-monthly Prayer Newsletter is circulated to those who wish to help in this way. Do contact us if you would like to receive it.