Being Jesus in the Community

At this time of year, we see our communities coming together and offering generosity and hospitality to so many people.  We know this value of reaching out is 'not just for Christmas', but how do we approach this as a church, to be like Jesus?

It's easy to become cynical or even judgmental of the motivations of others - I know I have checked myself for this - but to be 'Jesus-Shaped' is to be kind, supportive and to walk alongside others.  These are the priories at the centre of Jesus Shaped People. Even though - spoiler alert! - I do not believe in Father Christmas, I had the most wonderful evening with our town's Round Table group this weekend, walking with the sleigh, knocking on doors and collecting for a local charity that is close to my heart: ChemoHero.  

It was a wonderful evening of singing, striding, and smiling - my face ached! And to be part of my community was the biggest blessing of all.  As a Christian, I need to be willing to be in the world and supporting others.  Building these relationships enhances my life and gives me access to others - the people Jesus loves!

Happy Advent to you all and we pray that you will connect with People, Teaching, Team-building, Prayer and Prophetic Challenge this season, bringing Jesus' Hope to your community.