Jesus Shaped Witness to other faiths. St Peter's, Stone Grove, Edgware. North London

St Peter’s, @OneStonegrove in Edgware, North London is a Church who completed the JSP Main Programme and navigated their way toward being ‘Jesus Shaped’ in their witness to other faiths in a complex multi faith setting and led the way in creative regeneration. Sharing an innovative church and community centre building, St Peter’s has a very small but inspiring chapel, seats just 5/6 people (see video; ), built on the spot close to where Kiyan Prince, a talented young QPR player was tragically murdered. Besides the Chapel there is a separate licensed place of worship within the community centre, effectively a large plain room with a full-size baptistry built into the floor. While the licensed place of worship is exclusively for Christian worship, it can be used for events and celebrations, and the building also includes a community hall that can be used for non-Christian worship or ritual on request. This arrangement suggests 2 different things at the same time; 1) Christian Worship is taken very seriously and, 2) Christian hospitality is a priority.


Rev Simon Rea has written a detailed theological account of how the Church was at the heart of a major regeneration project and it's available on request. Checkout their website here:   About | St. Peter's (