It feels like we have been in a long season of waiting and loss. Covid has hit the whole world in a unique way. In this season we have lost so many things. People; freedom; our social life; access to uninterrupted education; jobs; the way of doing life; the list goes on. Now it almost feels as if we are re-emerging into society again. Churches have begun to open up, we can almost sing in church again, we can visit the pub or our favourite restaurant, we can socially interact in a way that we were used to. I am sure that you will have all read alarming statistics over the past 16 months. Not only have we seen everyday stats such as deaths, number of infections, number of unemployed etc; but we have probably all read stories about people not returning to church.

We recently carried out an impact survey that confirmed concerns around Children and Young Peoples’ ministry in UK Churches and, according to the latest edition of Christianity Magazine, nearly three quarters of young Britons now identify as having no religion and 75% of all Anglican Churches have less than five under 16s in their congregation. We know that this is something that we are all concerned about. The Church of England is currently setting out its vision for the next ten years and have proposed that they double the number of children and young active disciples in the Church of England by 2030. This is good news; but it might also fill you with dread. You might have questions like:

How do I do that? 

How do I reach out to young people in my community?

How do I make the Bible relevant for this generation?

What about discipleship and young leadership?

I have no team, how can we build good children and youth ministry?

We are interested to partner with Churches and Parishes who want to strengthen or even start children's and youth ministry. We are calling the programme, Chrysalis. We know it is an obvious name, but there is something really poignant about a caterpillar literally dying to itself inside a cocoon in order to become something of beauty. Some of us might feel like we have been inside a cocoon for the past 16 months. Waiting, growing, changing, our programmes that we had once run literally dying. Maybe now is the time to put down some of what we once ran with in order to pick up something new; to become all that God needs us to be in this next season.

If that’s something you’d like to explore, please get in touch about having a conversation. You can contact us at or