Baildon launches into Spirit Filled Church

Photo of Baildon Methodist Church

A bright but bitterly cold Sunday morning just after the New Year festivities felt more like an occasion for snuggling under the duvet.

But this intrepid reporter scraped the ice off the car and drove to Baildon (albeit just up the road) to share with Baildon Methodist Church in the launch of their Spirit Filled Church programme.

For those who don't know Spirit Filled Church is something of a 'follow up' to Jesus Shaped People. There'll be a post next week on the site about this resource - so look out for that!

What Spirit Filled Church does is to take the core message of Jesus Shaped People and look at how it panned out in the life of the disciples and believers who made up the early Christian church. Fortunately we can do this - because the Acts of the Apostles gives us lots of stories about what was happening in those exciting first few years of the Church...

Photo of the crowds gathered inside Baildon Methodist Church

Baildon Methodist Church went through the Jesus Shaped People programme last year and were keen to underline, refresh and embed the principles into their church life - hence enthusiastically jumping on board with Spirit Filled Church.

Coming into their impressive facility on that frosty morning it was hard not to be struck by the enthusiasm and excitement that permeated the church family. The church family had clearly done their groundwork to make sure that everyone was ready to get cracking with Spirit Filled Church - especially impressive when you consider that much of that preparation must have taken place in the busy run up to Christmas!

The church had invited programme leader Gordon Dey to preach, and he was able to both summarise 'the journey so far' and also introduce the theme of the Spirit Filled Church programme. The first session is about the lame man being healed at the Beautiful Gate (it helped that Gordon has been to Jerusalem many times and was able to talk about it from personal experience!).

Photo of Baildon Methodist's Spirit Filled Church course booklet

Spirit Filled Church infused the entire service - with the use of prayers, collects, readings and liturgical elements, together with enthusiastic encouragement to participate from the platform. At the end of the service everyone was given a copy of a most-impressive course booklet. This beautifully produced, in-house creation gives space for people to write their reflections on each week of the theme, and as an added bonus there is a weekly sticker for people to collect which contain the reading and key questions. Incredible!

And the high-quality touches didn't end with the service. The coffee tables in the adjoining café area had these wonderful Spirit Filled Church reminders - again, very professionally produced.

Photo of Baildon Methodist's Spirit Filled Church table notices

It was great to see a church so thoroughly embracing Spirit Filled Church, and being willing to invest money, time and energy into producing high quality resources that elevated the programme and added those all-important final touches...

Well done, Baildon Methodist Church!