New JSP Web Site

  • Posted on: 15 October 2019
  • By: James

Welcome to the new Jesus Shaped People web site.

If you're an existing user, hopefully you saw the e-mails letting you know the change was coming, and you got your new account activated before the changeover. At first glance, there's not a lot different about the site, or how it's organised. But this was about changing the way the site works behind the scenes, to lay the foundations for the future of JSP.

If you didn't see the alerts, we're afraid the change has meant that we've had to rebuild the user database, and all the old accounts will no longer work. If you had an account on the old site, and you've not activated it here yet, you can request a password reset and that should send you a link allowing you to log back in. If you continue to have problems you can contact me, the web site administrator on, but please do check your spam folders for the link first.

This is the first time we've attempted something on this scale. We're aware there are still one two rough edges, so thank you for bearing with us as things switch over. We've got lots of exciting ideas these changes will make possible, and we're looking forward to sharing them with you in due course.