Watch Out for JSP Web Site Changes

As some of you will have heard by now, for the last several months we have been hard at work on a complete rebuild of the JSP web site.

You won't immediately see a lot of changes to what the site does. Some links have moved a bit, or changed colour, but the basic route to finding the resources you need remains the same. This is all laying the technical foundations for future plans, and making sure your data is kept more secure behind the scenes. If you want to have a look at what we've been doing, you can check out the new site at

Unfortunately, the one thing we've not been able to carry over to the new site is the record of your passwords, so you will need to create a new account and password for the new site.

PLEASE NOTE: we will be activating accounts on the new site on a church by church basis from Tuesday 27th August. If you have an existing JSP account, or are on the website access list for a JSP church, you will get an e-mail that day with instructions for how to set your password on the new site. Please keep an eye out for it. If you want to be sure of uninterrupted access, add an exception to your spam filters for to make sure that this doesn't go to your spam box.

We expect to run the new site side by side with the existing one for a couple of weeks to make sure everyone has had a chance to move their account over. After that the current site will be completely replaced with the new one, and any remaining user accounts for it will stop working. The new site will take the address of the existing one -

This has been the biggest technical challenge we've ever undertaken, so it is likely that there will be teething problems. By maintaining both sites for a short period we're aiming to minimise any interruption of access to resources, but if you're using a JSP programme at the moment, or about to start one, we'd strongly encourage you to download now any resources that you will for the next few weeks.

Thank you for bearing with us as we make the changes. We're really excited about the things this will make possible, and we're looking forward to sharing some of them with you in due course.